Buscando La Rioja

Traducido por Santiago Díaz Bravo (Read original version in English here) Prácticamente en todo momento me apetece un buen vaso de vino de ...
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Mexican Food Heaven in Oaxaca: The Best Tacos Ever

There are tacos, and then there are tacos, the way you eat in the market of 20 de Noviembre in ...
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Cuba: 5 Consejos para mujeres que vayan solas

Cuando comuniqué a mi familia y a mis amigos que me iba sola a Cuba, todos fruncieron el ceño en ...
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Porto in a Weekend

Why Porto? It could have been anywhere. Well, anywhere within a couple of hours from London, with convenient flight times that didn't ...
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How to spend a day in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Day trip from Jerez)

Where is Sanlúcar de Barrameda? To be honest, it wasn't a name I'd heard of before, let alone be part ...
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Jerez, Flamenco, peña

Jerez: How I ended up in the middle of a Peña Flamenco scene

To be honest, I'd given up on Jerez, having only arrived that afternoon. Perhaps it was a mid-trip slump, or ...
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Fidel and the Tortoise ~ Camagüey, Cuba

Casa stays are a must in my opinion, if you want to have a slightly more real - or even ...
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vineyard in Carmelo

Leyenda y herencia de la Bodega El Legado (Spanish Version)

Desde nuestra base en Carmelo, en la cautivadora Posada Campo Tinto, nos encaminamos en nuestras bicicletas de montaña hacia la Bodega El ...
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Cuba: 5 Tips for Women going Solo

When I told my friends and family that I was travelling to Cuba, alone, they all gave me the same ...
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Crossing the Andes on a bus: Argentina to Chile

There's definitely something about bus terminals in South America. I'm in Mendoza, Argentina, and about to embark on the most scenic ...
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Tras el trabajo…..en Munich (Spanish Version)

Traducido por Santiago Díaz Bravo (Original version in English) Ocho años trabajando para una compañía bávara y, a pesar de viajar varias ...
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Chased by Mad Dogs, Sand Flies and Taxis ~ Roatan Island (Honduras)

After the most interesting, enlightening but challenging few weeks in Guatemala, this was going to be my idyllic Caribbean getaway - ...
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How I made it to Wimbledon (Queue and Rain avoided)

Wimbledon - it's the most famous of tennis tournaments in the world, and impossibly difficult to get hold of tickets ...
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Beaches in Japan – “Caribbean” Holiday with a twist

If you're after a textbook Caribbean beach holiday with guaranteed sun, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters for a week under ...
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60 Years Watching Fish Dry ~Shimoda~

  Just a block from where the American Commodore Matthew Perry arrived with a convincing fleet of  Black Ships in 1853, today, the ...
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Japan, 100 Yen shop, tea cups

Shopping in Japan: What you can buy for 100 Yen (€0.70)

Forget Pound shops. Forget Dollar stores. This is the ultimate shopping in Japan on a budget. All over Japan today, 100 ...
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Japan, ryokan, onsen, Fuji, Yagisawaso, ryokan dinner

The way of the Ryokan – the old Japanese way

When in Rome, I'm never quite sure what the Romans do, but when in Japan, do as the Japanese do ...
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Matsuri – For one night only, when iPhones are put away

Traffic stops. iPhones disappear. At dusk, people start flooding out of their air-conditioned homes, into 35 degrees C to join the crowd ...
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After work.. in Munich

8 years of working for a Bavarian company and despite having been subjected to several business trips a year to ...
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Joining the Party in Cuba – the Santeria kind

“Just don’t say anything” he said, “And try to look Cuban.” A tall order, given my unmistakable Japanese looks. Manuel handed over ...
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Learning the Schuhplattler – Slapping myself in deep Bavaria

It’s just the kind of place where you’d want to jump in the lake, hop on a boat or go ...
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The Legend and Legacy of Bodega El Legado

From our base in Carmelo, the most charming Posada Campo Tinto, we set off on our mountain bikes to the ...
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A Rioja Trip ~ Not finding La Rioja

I love a good glass of Rioja almost any time, or even a bottle at times. So a visit to the ...
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